Consumer Tips to Work with your Personal Assistant

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CDPAP allows consumers to pick a personal assistant (PA) of their choice to act as their caregiver. This means you can hire a friend, relative, neighbor, or a previously hired aide to be you new PA. The ability to appoint a familiar face adds an important level of comfort and trust. Something a standard home health aide service can’t guarantee or offer.

You can get paid to take care of your loved one in the CDPAP program.
Your loved one can get paid to take care of you in the CDPAP program.

The PA is responsible to make sure the consumer is being taken care. However, the consumer also has a responsibility to help the PA maintain a healthy, friendly, and productive working relationship.

Here are some tips to make sure you are doing your job to help the PA do their job.

Communicate your needs

The PA is there to help YOU. Clearly explain what type of care you need, what your personal preferences are, and clarify your expectations. Even though you most likely already have a close relationship with your PA, it never hurts to be extra clear when explaining what your needs are.

Stay on schedule

Your PA is dedicated to take care of you. As the consumer, it is up to you to create a schedule that fits all of your needs, but also one you can commit to. If you expect your PA to be on time- so should you.

Be respectful

In some ways, your PA is technically your employee. While you direct your care, it’s important to recognize that it is never helpful to come across as bossy. For this reason, if your respect your PA, they will respect you back.

Speak politely

Speaking politely to your PA will only improve your home health care experience. Cursing, raising your voice, or using inappropriate language with your PA can create unpleasant and unwanted tension. and make your home health care experience a lot less pleasant.

Being able to receive the home health care services you need are crucial to you living a happy and healthy life. Having a trustworthy and responsible PA can create a much more positive home health care experience. Overall, the PA needs to make sure to take of you, your health, and your needs. However, it’s also up to you, the consumer, to contribute to the working relationship as much as you can to get the best experience with your PA.

To learn more about CDPAP and for assistance in the CDPAP enrollment process, check out our CDPAP website at or call for a free consultation at (718) 831-2900.

Please Note: Edison Home Health Care is a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not administer the program. We can help you navigate, but application and enrollment for CDPAP must go through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.