CDPAP Delivers Independence with Trust

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Life’s Changes and CDPAP

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Change may naturally become more difficult for us as we age. Health challenges can force people to make unwelcome changes, like some of our favorite hobbies, ability to socialize, or giving up their favorite foods. Medications and side effects may make a person feel different — less energetic, decreased appetite or drowsiness. To maximize independence and quality of life, CDPAP, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, services help elderly and disabled people reduce the impact of necessary changes by supporting their health and functional needs in their own home. The CDPAP program allows consumers to designate and hire a trusted friend or family member to provide services. The selected caregiver is referred to as a Personal Assistant (PA).

Alleviating the Stress of Home Care

By helping people continue living in their familiar surroundings, CDPAP allows them to maintain their established routines. Consumers decide where and when to sleep, what and when to eat, when to bathe, and when  engage in recreational activities. Individualized care plans and schedules are determined by the consumer in collaboration with and oversight by a state certified nurse and home care agency professionals.

A Caregiver You Can Trust

Many people may feel anxious or resistant to the idea of strangers coming to their homes to provide personal services. Services like bathing, toileting, or dressing are very private and consumers are prone to feeling uncomfortable. CDPAP allows the consumer to select a preferred and trusted PA to provide care. The PA is paid through Medicaid via a CDPAP agency (or Fiscal Intermediary) for their services. This allows the consumer maximum autonomy in caregiver selection, while allowing concerned friends and family to participate actively in care as desired. Please see Caregiver Pay Rate and Salary to learn about caregiver pay rate and salary.

Aging does not have to mean a loss of freedom and independence.  Your senior years don’t have to be a stage of decline. It is more possible than ever to live an active, engaged life for decades after retirement. CDPAP services allow elderly and disabled adults to maintain maximum independence in their own homes. With CDPAP, you can be cared by a loved one and live in the comforts of your home to thrive through life’s many changes.