Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Personal Assistant

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CDPAP gives consumers the freedom to select their own personal assistant and appoint a friend, relative, neighbor, or previously hired aide. But how do you know who will make the best personal assistant? Who will be the best fit?

Here are four questions we recommend you ask yourself before selecting a personal assistant.

What is the person’s availability?

Not everybody will have the availability to spend the time necessary to be your personal assistant. It is very important to make sure your personal assistant will be able to care for you for the amount of time you need, and at the time of day that you need the care.

Do they have experience providing home care?

Having prior experience in providing home care can make a big difference when determining who to hire. A personal assistant will often be more comfortable fulfilling tasks and overseeing care if they have worked as a nurse, aide, personal assistant, or caregiver in the past. However, a close family member or friend may very well provide quality care even if they aren’t so familiar or experienced with personal care.

Are you comfortable with their personality?

Some people are just more caring in nature than others. They feel a sense of purpose and responsibility to tend those who are sick, elderly, or disabled. As a result, finding someone passionate about caregiving can enhance your quality of life and make your day-to-day much more pleasant. Additionally, consider if the person is a good fit for your personality. You want to be comfortable spending a significant amount of time with this person.

Do you have a relationship with this person?

It is best to pick a personal assistant that knows you well — your habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. Children, siblings, close friends, or previously hired aides are often great choices. Having a personal assistant that understands your needs, and with whom you have a strong relationship, will allow them to provide better care.


Selecting a caregiver can be an intimidating task and can make consumers nervous about the quality of their home care. CDPAP allows consumers to take control by directing their own care personal care. By asking yourself the above questions, you will be taking important steps in ensuring the quality of your home care. Through CDPAP, consumers can feel confident in their care and their caregiver.

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2 Responses

  1. Cindy Tesler

    I agree that you should choose a personal assistant that has the time to dedicate to your company. You also mention that choosing a personal assistant that has experience in providing home care is important. I think it’s a good idea to choose a personal assistant that is loyal to the company so that their hopes for the company are in sync with yours.

    • Edison Home Health Care

      Hi Cindy,

      Exactly! It’s important that the patient hires a personal assistant (PA) they can trust.
      That is one of the great things about CDPAP – that the patient gets to chose who they want to hire to take care of them.
      As a team, we work together with the patient and the PA to make sure the patient is being properly taken care of and the PA gets the guidance they need, and of course, gets paid on time!