Please complete this form and we will email you Instant Feedback on your Eligibility to Choose a Family Member as Your Paid Caregiver with the CDPAP Medicaid Program

How can a family member get paid to take care of a loved one in NY?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a New York State Medicaid program that allows Medicaid home care consumers to recruit and hire their caregiver of choice – including most family members.

The caregiver’s pay is covered completely by Medicaid.

With CDPAP, a loved one can get paid for taking care of a family member in NYC and throughout NY State. CDPAP is great program for seniors and the disabled who wish to take control of their home care. Elderly Parents, mom and dads, grandparents, siblings, and more can choose their family members to get paid to care for them.

What if I don’t have Medicaid?

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding Medicaid eligibility, and many people who do not have Medicaid can qualify. We have Medicaid specialists who can help you understand your eligibility, explain what is involved in applying, and help you with applying for Medicaid.

Do caregivers need a license or certificate to provide care and get paid under the CDPAP program?

No. Caregivers do not need to have any license or certification.

I don’t see the family member I want to care for me as an option in the form for “Relationship between Consumer & Caregiver”. What should I select?

If you do not see the family member you would like to choose listed, please select “Other” in the form for “Relationship between Consumer & Caregiver”. This includes children caring for parents, siblings caring for each other, grandchildren caring for grandparents, etc.

What if I want to hire a friend to get paid to care for me instead of a family member?

You can absolutely choose a friend. Most people who are legally allowed to work in the United States can be hired. Simply select “Other” in the form for “Relationship between Consumer & Caregiver”.

Who is Edison Home Health Care and what role do you play in the process?

Edison Home Health Care is a NY State home care provider serving both CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) consumers and traditional home care consumers.

For CDPAP consumers, we serve people who choose to hire their caregiver of choice under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. In this capacity, we act as a fiscal intermediary and handle a number of required administrative tasks including billing and the processing of the caregivers’ payroll.

We currently serve thousands of New Yorkers who are enrolled in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and we would love to serve you as well.

(For traditional home care consumers, we hire and provide home health aides (HHA) and personal cares aides (PCA).)

Do you serve my area of New York State?

We provide CDPAP services in all 62 New York counties. Our consumers live throughout the state including all five New York City (NYC) boroughs, Rockland, Yonkers, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, and rural areas throughout the state.

I have more than one possible caregiver in mind. Can I fill out the form more than once?

Absolutely. Upon completing the form, you will be redirected to a Thank You page and you will receive an email with feedback based on the information that you submitted. If you wish to complete the form again, simply navigate back to this page and fill out the form again for your other caregiver. You will receive another email with new feedback based on the information you submit.

Please Note: Edison Home Health Care is a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not administer the program. We can help you navigate, but application and enrollment for CDPAP must go through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.

Edison Home Health Care is accredited by the Joint Commission – widely recognized as the highest standard in healthcare accreditation.

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